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IndexesSepOct  Nov 22Nov 29 
1-Yr CMT 1.8000 1.6100 1.5500 1.5900
MTA 2.3266 2.2400 -- --
1-Mth LIBOR 2.0431 1.8782 -- --
3-Mth LIBOR 2.1251 1.9774 -- --
6-Mth LIBOR 2.0492 1.9567 -- --
1-Yr LIBOR 2.0041 1.9511 -- --
RatesSepOct  Nov 22Nov 29 
30-Yr FIXED 3.6100 3.6900 3.6600 3.6800
15-Yr FIXED 3.1200 3.1400 3.1500 3.1500 =
5/1-ARM 3.3800 3.3800 = 3.3900 3.4300
Featured Announcements

No Product Search
SmartPricer™ allows you to perform a search without selecting any loan products. By doing so, the system will verify that your loan criteria is eligible for 1 or more loan programs, and then give you a list of all products that can be safely discussed with the end consumer.

Min/Max Searches
From the search page, you can select Max LTV/CLTV, Max Cash-Back, Max DTI, or Min. Credit Score checkboxes. This allows SmartPricer™ to perform a very special search whereas you will be provided the best available financing with the corresponding loan products. This is a great way to determine which types of financing structures you can discuss with the consumer.

Margin/Cap Options
By using the ‘Alternative Pricing’ window on the BestEx Pricing pricing page, SmartPricer™ will provide you with every available Cap and Margin option for each selected ARM product. Margin buy-ups and buy-downs are included in this list so that you can offer a variety of pricing options to your consumer when originating any ARM loan product.

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